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We Will Help You CFP® Your Way Out Of It, a podcast where you get into the minds of a couple Certified Financial Planners™ on how we think about everyday financial planning questions and what should really matter most to you.

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Was 2020 a rough year at work? Have you worked at the same job with the same company for 25+ years? Maybe you aren’t ready to retire, but the job is getting old. You’re physically and mentally ready to retire, but the uncertainty of the future holds you back from completely calling it quits. How do I know when I can retire? Listen to Adam and Ben talk about transitioning into retirement.
In this episode, Adam and Ben talk about what to expect in the initial meeting with us. That first meeting is better understanding what do you value? What is your "Why"? What are you prioritizing? We're happy to be a second set of eyes. We know we do it differently than most people and that's by design.
In this episode, Ben is joined by Katie McKenna from Thrivos Consulting. Katie is a professional coach and bestselling author of "How To Get Run Over By A Truck". 2020 may have kicked your butt and that's ok. As you turn the page to 2021, what do you aspire to? What do you want to change? How do you put a plan into action to get there? Who else should you involve? Listen to two GOAL-PLANNERS, Ben & Katie focus on YOU and next steps YOU can take to get to where you want to go.
Make your list, check it twice! We're all ready to turn the page to 2021, right? Not so fast! We've got a list of "Year End Financial Planning Considerations" for a timely checklist on what should be handled before 12/31/2020.