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We Will Help You CFP® Your Way Out Of It, a podcast where you get into the minds of a couple Certified Financial Planners™ on how we think about everyday financial planning questions and what should really matter most to you.

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Wills, Power of Attorneys, and Healthcare Directives, Oh My! But honestly, what does all this mean? It’s critical to know what estate documents you should have, think about the best fit for who can execute on your wishes, and most importantly, why everyone should have a plan in place! In this podcast, Adam and Ben give an overview of what the estate documents are, ideas and tips for certain roles, and why it’s so important to have your estate documents current and in place.
Job changes are emotional times, whether it was a voluntary or involuntary change. Change is not always comfortable, and it can also be scary. Then you throw in a bunch of confusing things around finances, and you may just feel overwhelmed and need some help filtering through those financial decisions. In this episode, Ben and Adam discuss potential impacts and financial choices that people should be considering as they transition through where they’re spending their work week.
Have you ever thought of who you should leave your estate to? Estate planning can be daunting with children as heirs, but even more difficult for those with no children or a surviving spouse. Without a family to care for, you may feel that estate planning is not necessary. However, everyone needs an estate plan and you can still be very thoughtful with leaving your legacy. Listen to Adam and Ben discuss ideas for estate planning when there aren't obvious heirs to leave money to.
The Roth IRA is a great retirement tool and should be something you're considering for your own situation regardless of your phase of life or financial profile. There are some rules to this type of investment and a lot of misconceptions too! Ben and Adam talk about the ins and outs of a Roth IRA and how it can help diversify your “investment buckets”.
We are halfway through the year and thought this was a good opportunity to take a brief pause from all the financial planning conversations we've had and remember that investments are really important too. And for as much as we were so laser focused on everything that was happening in 2020 with investments, it's kind of felt like an uneventful year when it comes to investments thus far. But that doesn't mean there aren't things to talk about. Hence, this is our mid-year investment review.
Retiring early sounds wonderful, but have you ever thought about how much healthcare would cost if you chose to say goodbye to work before age 65? People often forget that they need healthcare coverage to fill the gap until they become eligible for Medicare and it’s not cheap! Listen to Ben and Adam recall recent client conversations and discuss what to expect if you choose to retire early and need to find healthcare coverage on your own.
The CFP®️ Board recently added another discipline for those CFP®️'s either looking to get the designation or to continue their education. This new discipline recognizes that traditional finance needs to be paired with behavioral finance. The point of behavioral finance is to recognize how people should act is different than how they actually act. This podcast addresses how we embrace that and help people through the emotional side of money and wealth to reach their financial goals.