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We Will Help You CFP® Your Way Out Of It, a podcast where you get into the minds of a couple Certified Financial Planners™ on how we think about everyday financial planning questions and what should really matter most to you.

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Biden’s tax proposal has been getting a lot of attention through the media but one thing to remember is that it is only a proposal. It’s rare that any legislation gets passed without amendments or compromise. Ben and Adam share their thoughts on what is more likely of getting passed versus parts that most likely won’t make the final version in this podcast episode.
A typical question Haas Financial Group gets is in regards to how we handle and view investments. While we believe they are important, we think they should be a part of financial planning to help reach someone’s goals and not be independent from that. Take a listen to Ben and Adam talk about the "why" behind our thought process with investment philosophies and see if this is something that resonates with you.
The fear of missing out, FOMO, is something that concerns us. We see it a lot when it comes to investments. But people also bring this up in a different context too. Maybe they don't want to work anymore because they see some of their friends aren't working anymore. They feel like they're missing out on something. We want to make sure the decisions they're making or the feelings that they're having, are really good healthy ones, not only for themselves, but certainly for their financial future. Let's talk about it in this episode.
Retirement is a process. Give yourself time to get used to the idea, both before AND after your retirement party. It's normal to feel a lost for a while, trying to find purpose again. You'll get it back as you start to work towards new goals and redefine what matters most to you. Having walked countless people through this process, we're more than qualified to provide financial guidance. Yet, being financially prepared and feeling financially secure about retirement is only part of the battle. Listen to Adam and Ben discuss how you can find your purpose and figure out what you will do all day.
It’s not possible to GOOGLE personal financial advice. Simply put, you probably don’t know what you don’t know, and may not even know what questions to ask in order to diagnosis best next steps. Listen to Adam and Ben highlight additional reasons why self-diagnosing your financial life can lead to trouble.
If today you had to give away everything you own (your car, your house, your jewelry, your family heirlooms, bank accounts, investments, life insurance, etc.) could you complete those transfers without any reservations whatsoever? Or are “ifs, ands, or buts” coming to mind? If so, you probably need a Trust. This podcast talks about examples of situations indicating that you should be talking to your CFP® professional and your attorney about creating a trust.
So you have this annuity thing - what is it and how does it fit your financial plan moving forward? Listen to Adam and Ben compare annuities to a box of chocolates by sharing some insights on the things to know and questions to ask before making any decisions.