Retail Therapy

Benjamin Haas |

When people get stressed, they often have one go-to habit used as therapy.  For some that is eating, others it is exercise, and for me it is shopping.  My wardrobe has really suffered because of having kids.  Not only have I gone up and down in sizes over the past 5 years, but I also haven’t had the time or desire to go to the mall and spend time browsing and crafting my own personal style.  

So, for my birthday last year, my husband purchased a gift card to a personal styling company that sends clothes directly to your door.  I’ve been thinking about this service for a while but hadn’t pulled the trigger for myself.  Shopping online is hard.  You must research for the best deals, you can’t see or touch the fabric, and it’s a flip of a coin whether it will fit or not.  All of this leads me down a rabbit hole of reading reviews and stalking items endlessly with little or no action on my part.  

To get started with their service, they ask you a series of questions to dig deeper into your style, body type, preferences, price points, and closet needs.  You can tailor this information from head to toe in all categories.  Next, they ask you for some common places or brands where you normally shop.  Then you have the option to take daily quizzes and pin inspirational outfits that help your personal stylist get a feel for your fashion.  You can choose the frequency for deliveries or order one-off packages for special occasions.

It's been working out well for me.  An unforeseen benefit of finally getting some new threads was clearing my closet of old items that I no longer wear.  Decluttering also helps me feel a sense of calm.  There is value in having someone do the shopping for me because it saves me time.  I am also forced to try new items and treat myself occasionally. The stylist offers recommendations on other pieces that coordinate well with the items they send, helping me to be versatile with the garments I choose to keep.  The last step is to review their picks and give feedback on what you liked and what they could do differently next time.  Returning unwanted items is easy with their prepared label and envelope.

Financial planning parallels this service in many ways.  We can help people that don’t have the time, desire, or tools to organize their financial lives.  We help people establish routine schedules, regularly reviewing their financial lives.  What is working well, what isn’t, where should we pivot?  We are here for those one-off financial questions and situations that arise too.  We have a thorough meeting process that allows us to ask deeper questions to get to the root of your values and financial goals.  We look for areas of flexibility.  We love and seek feedback.  And hopefully we make the financial planning experience easy, enjoyable, and most importantly, we hope that you find value in it.

By: Devon Volker, Business Development & Operations Manager

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