Where Should I Save? Here's The Pecking Order.

Benjamin Haas |
  • Cash reserve first - 1:38
  • Tax treatments - 4:15
  • Employer plan options - 5:52
  • Diversification - 7:46
  • Investing outside of a savings account - 10:12
  • Deferred compensation - 12:54
  • Health Savings Accounts - 14:54
  • Stock options - 16:59

What’s the best way to go about saving money? The pecking order of savings, like many things in financial planning, is dependent on an individual's situation.   During our financial planning process we will have to make certain assumptions, especially around taxes and compensation later in life, but we focus on doing the most efficient thing that we can, while still offering some flexibility.  Diversification of savings for accessibility and taxes in the future is key.  We have a process to go through this with you. 





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