You’re Off Course 97% of the Time? Control Your Direction

Benjamin Haas |

I read an interesting statistic that said when a plane from New York takes flight to Los Angeles, it ends up being off course 97% of the time. Air traffic controllers are constantly giving inputs that call for change of direction and altitude to get the plane precisely where it needs to get to. When I think about that, it makes sense to me. New York to Los Angeles is such a far distance and so many variables need to be considered that it would be virtually impossible to get that plane there without the feedback the pilot gives in order to control direction.

This is a good example of why more than 75% of people feel some sort of financial stress in their lives. We’re all trying to get somewhere financially, whether we are saving up for something later in life or living off that savings now. If we don’t feel we have money, we stress. If we have it, we also recognize that any number of things could change that (bad economy, bad stock markets, a health event, loss of job or pension, loss of loved one or family member needing help, etc.) and that gives us stress too.

So how are you controlling direction with your money right now in order to reduce stress? As the pilot of your own financial life, what are you doing to feel like you are able to keep on course and recognize when redirection is necessary to get you to where you want to go? Better yet, who’s part of your air traffic control team notifying you of other airplanes you don’t want to collide with, bad weather systems you need to adjust for and new coordinates to consider? Without keeping score and redirecting as needed, you’re sure to be a part of the 75% that’s financially stressed!

When I say I’m a financial planner, most people think investment management. That’s not it. Sure, it’s a big part of things. But investments are irrelevant without understanding purpose and intent and the role they need to fulfill in landing your plane. Financial planning is about goal achievement, aligning your values, vision and wealth so you can live your best life; financially, with your health, and with your happiness. We help you pick your destination and map your course of direction to get there. We’re essentially your air traffic control team.

Life gives us challenges. You’re going to feel financial stress at some point, if not often. But you don’t have to live in that stress. You probably just need help controlling direction. Goal planning is easy at the start. Goal achievement is easy at the end when you’re close enough to see the landing spot in front of you. It’s everything in the middle, that huge unknown, that can be scary. Planes don’t get from A to B safely without controlling direction. You probably can’t either.

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