Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Benjamin Haas |

There’s a big push by Desiree and I to get my boys working more around the house and property. We want them to help carry the burden, teach them good work habits, and learn to do certain things they will need to know later in life. There’s often some reluctance to do chores, but we’ve compromised by sharing what they can do to earn some money and that is certainly its own motivation.  

I remember having chores and being expected to help out around the house. Doing dishes and helping clean were regular tasks. There are those things we ask them to do (clean windows, put laundry away, help with dishes) but then there are bigger chores that are worthy of a couple dollars. I’ve found that we need to be a little thoughtful, and flexible, in our approach to “teaching chores” though. Acknowledging that how we did things, may not be how they will do things. Take for example dragging trash down the driveway. That’s no fun. So why don’t we build a cart to take all three cans down at once (and ride it along the way)? Carrying the big box of consolidated cardboard down to the mailbox pick-up spot for recycling isn’t fun either. So, why not figure out how to tie it to the back of the kid’s electric ride on car and drive it down as if we were out on a regular joy ride? I’ve seen them stack wood on a sled and pull it from trailer to garage in order to move more wood faster and with less energy! There are other examples of ways they have adapted how their work gets done. And I love it! There’s a strong element of problem-solving and ingenuity that I know is good for them. I often tell them to be “problem-solvers” not “problem-finders” and it’s fun to see them figure things out on their own.  

They are learning to work smarter, not harder, and also the value in making the things we don’t like to do somehow a little fun. As I think about working smarter and not harder, I can confidently say we’re trying to do the same around here at Haas Financial Group. Technology is evolving quickly, and I believe new tools will make it easier to educate and communicate with you. We look for ways to simplify our systems and processes so that it’s easier to implement our advice. And we’re committed to continuing our education and learning new skills. There’s a lot to be said for working smarter – not harder. And trying to make work fun, in the process.  


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