Word Of The Week: Faith

Benjamin Haas |

I feel that we need more faith in this country. Faith in the greater good and faith in each other. I have lots of friends/family/close people in my life that do not necessarily believe in God the way that I do. And that’s OK. But as a parent, raising kids in this country, seeing the hurt and violence and hate and wanting to be involved in the solutions, not the problems, I see only one way to start the conversation on how to move forward. With faith.

If you don’t have faith in a higher power, than I hope you have faith and hope in our ability to love one another, this country, and the greater good. Love and kindness should be the persistent standard of ALL of our behavior, shouldn’t it? Yet, I see too many people assuming the worst in others. I hear too many people who just yell at others and do not care to listen at all. I can’t remember a time when something important in my life got accomplished without some degree of compromise – so why do people expect change to happen without active listening?

When we encounter or see evil, love does not resort to its tactics, but seeks to overcome it with a simple act of kindness. I’m talking a simple gesture. Pausing before judging. Speaking softly like you would to a child who just doesn’t understand (because some adults need that too). Looking at yourself in the mirror before pointing a finger at someone else. Not cementing yourself in what you believe but listening to someone else who is saying something that they feel needs to be voiced and heard, and just might be new to you, and important for you to hear. While none of us can control the actions and attitudes of others, we need to live and act in kindness with people. I feel like that should be non-negotiable. And it starts with having faith in our ability to do all that.

Ahead of more heated debates, more political conversations on elections, shut-downs and escalating violence, my word of the week is faith. My hope is that if you’re reading this and feel the way I do, you’re able to take a deep breath with me. In many ways, 2020 has been horrible. But we are all in this storm together. I’m not saying any of this because I’m getting it right because most days, I’m not. But I want to continue trying, for me, for my kids, for our country. I’ve learned that it’s no longer productive to debate about good vs. bad anymore. Let’s just focus on all being BETTER versions of ourselves, even if it’s baby steps.

Romans 12: 9-21. I have faith.

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