'Tis The Season To Be Thankful

Benjamin Haas |

I did the Children’s Sermon at church on Sunday and my question for the kids was “what does it means to give thanks?” As adults, I think it’s easy to wrap our head around giving thanks for the things we’re happy to have like a home, a family, and friends, good health, a job, etc. The kids listed toys and the internet too, of course! It’s also pretty easy to recognize that not everyone we know has all these blessings and pillars in their lives. In fact, there’s not a single person I know that doesn’t have SOMETHING they struggle with from time to time - we can only hope they are temporary struggles.

I think the hard part of giving thanks is finding a consistent way to express that gratefulness. I can think of no better way than making sure we dedicate the time to share our time and talents and blessings with others who need the help, in a way reminding ourselves of our own blessings. I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to be a part of different organizations in my community who make it a mission to give back in some way. They act as a constant reminder how blessed I truly am.

By: Ben Haas

As most of us know, it’s incredibly easy to take things for granted and sometimes even easier to get caught up in the negatives and ignore the many positive things we have in our lives. While it’s obviously a good idea to practice gratitude throughout the year, this time of year seems to amplify those feelings. Lucky for me, not only do I get to reflect on my own list of things I’m grateful for, as a parent I get to look through the lens of my daughters and see what they are grateful for and how they express their gratitude. And sometimes it’s the simple things. I replaced the faucet in the girls’ bathroom this past weekend and while my oldest, Ava, couldn’t care less, Ainsley and Axy were tickled pink that the sink worked like it was supposed to again, delivering a nice smooth stream of water without a high pitched squeal (oh and “the new one is so shiny!”).

I hope everyone gets to enjoy their holiday, spend some time with their loved ones, eat a good, hot meal and take some time to relax and reflect on the good things this life has to offer. From big to small and everything in between. From simply being lucky enough to live in this great country all the way down to having running water and sink that doesn’t sound like your tea is ready when you brush your teeth :)

By: Adam Werner

I blinked, and the holiday season is here.  We all have a to-do list that rivals Santa’s gift-giving list.  A couple years ago I made the promise to myself to resist the commercial nonsense and peer pressure of the holidays (and life!) and enjoy it in a way that suits me.  This time of year is about gratitude and reflection.  So, I am thankful for knowing who I am, for what I have, and for having the patience to trust my journey and what is yet to come.  Because of these beliefs, I will enjoy the moment and celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and friends and let them know how much I love them and how happy I am to have them in my life.

By: Devon Volker


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