Summer Vacation in Florida: The Sequel

Benjamin Haas |

If you read my recap from our Florida road trip last year, I mentioned that "we would definitely be back to the Gulf Coast soon, but next time I don’t think I'll be driving." Well, I try to be a man of my word, so… not only are we going back this summer, we’re taking to the skies! We lucked into some decently priced direct flights through Southwest, so now we just hope and pray that their flight schedules don’t change between now and July 😬. 

This will be the first plane ride for Ainsley and Axy. Axy has been looking forward to flying on a plane for years, even though we told her it’s just a glorified flying bus, haha. Ainsley is an anxious traveler (I think she probably gets that from me, sorry Ainz!), but we’re going to make the best of it. Unlike what Ralph Waldo Emerson said, for us, the focus will be on the destination, not the journey. 

There’s an interesting aspect to traveling to the same area multiple times, especially one that’s so far from home. We can make sure to repeat the things that we really enjoyed last year, and we can skip the things that weren’t as fun or just weren’t the best use of our time. One visit does not make us experts, but we’ll be able to explore new places and try out some different things this time around, so that it doesn’t feel like the same trip over again. 

Not only are we visiting the same area, but we’re also staying in the exact same house as we did last year. We didn’t start out with that as the plan, but after looking through literally hundreds of houses on VRBO, we didn’t find any that fit what we were looking for that also didn’t cost an arm and a leg! Has anyone else been unpleasantly surprised by the price of vacation rentals in the last few years?! We loved the layout of the house and the pool, and we know what to expect, so we’ll see if we love it as much for round 2. 

We’re still 3 months out, but the anticipation will only build from here. If anybody has any tips or tricks from their time in the Clearwater area, please feel free to share them with me, I’m all ears! 


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