Setting A Lifetime Goal

Benjamin Haas |

So, my first personal article to share with you, how exciting! I was told, that despite my arguments and dismay, the subject matter could not be about finance or financial planning. Essentially, I was told to get a life which is good advice! So, I decided to write about how I intend to have a better life.

My home/family life is chaotic, but I think pretty typical for one that has three young children in it - noisy, messy, always sick, and a lot of fights over "screens." You name it, we have it - TVs, iPhones, iPads, laptops, gaming consoles, etc. Access to this technology gives an on-demand and limitless source of entertainment, but it's a huge cause of stress. My wife and I notice that too much screen time and our kids start getting a little batty leading to extreme emotions (adding to the wonderful chaos). 

We limit their access, put timers on devices, and monitor what they watch but it's a struggle and I know I'm fighting an uphill battle that will only get harder. I'd also be lying that screen time doesn't affect the adults in the house as well. Divided attention, distractions, mood changes, and fights have been started all because of the attention given to a computer that fits in your pocket. 

What to do to solve this? Who knows for sure- but I have a plan! Which brings me back to having a better life. I don't like New Year's resolutions; I don't think I've ever kept one - so instead I'm going to call this a goal - probably a lifetime goal.  I might not be great at it right away but it's something I'll always think about and find ways to get better at it. My goal will be to get off my screens and technology when I am around my kids and be more present with my family and life.    That means when I come home after a long day, when they are playing sports, at the dinner table, etc. 

Living a life through a screen does not make me happy, grateful, or appreciative of what I have. I want to be more in the moment, to be more mindful of things happening around me, and take in the random fun moments in a young child's life that can pass by so quickly.

I also want to be a good role model for my kids. Maybe I won't be able to stop them from their urge to play video games or obsess over their Youtube videos. But just maybe controlling my screen time and being there for them can show them that it is possible to live a full life without an unhealthy reliance on a phone, videos, social media, etc. 

Call me crazy but wish me luck! Got any advice or tips? I'm all ears. 


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