Off to Scotland

Benjamin Haas |

It’s hard to believe Michael and I tied the knot almost six months ago! Changing my last name is completed (thankfully!) and now we can just enjoy being married while looking forward to our 10-day honeymoon to Scotland in May. This will be our first vacation without any friends or family so it’ll feel extra special. You may be thinking, “why Scotland?” and if I’m being honest, I’m not exactly sure how we came to that destination.  

Our parameters were to pick a place neither of us have been to, no all inclusives, and to keep it within a budget that wouldn’t break the bank (Michael’s first choice of New Zealand was quickly crossed off the list after looking into costs). We both were gravitating towards travelling somewhere in Europe and Scotland kept popping up in conversation. I think it was because we could do lots of things there including hikes, plenty of historical sight seeing, and of course trying some Scotch.  

Once Scotland was decided, then came the discussion of when we wanted to go and where we wanted to stay. Michael suggested going in May since it’s warm, beats the summer crowds, and saves a little bit of money which sounded perfect to me (he’s done some international travelling in the past and has more experience than I have). When it came to locations, we knew Glasgow and Edinburgh were no brainers but then it got trickier on the other location. One thing we both agreed on was that we didn’t want to do more than 3 locations throughout the trip because we wanted enough time to explore each spot.  After quite a bit of research, we decided on Isle of Skye due to the gorgeous views and it will most likely be where the bulk of our hiking will happen (our Airbnb is right on the water and this is my favorite place that we booked!). 

We know there will be a learning curve with driving on the opposite side of the road (and in the car!) but we’re really excited to see what Scotland has to offer! Fingers crossed there aren’t too many rainy days and if you’ve been to Scotland, let me know what your favorite thing was as we’re still figuring out our “Must Do” List! I’ll make sure to share some pics and what we did once we get back 😊  



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