Savannah, GA: Take 3!

Benjamin Haas |

2022 was a really busy year for Desiree and me. So, we didn’t take (or make) the opportunity to sneak away for a small vacation without the boys like we had become accustomed to in prior years (sans 2020 of course). 2023 also marked our ten-year wedding anniversary so as we debated where to go and what to do, we felt a little pressure to make sure it was special. Do we check off a new city? Or do we repeat somewhere we know we love? Do we want to explore? Or do we want to rest? Will we focus on music and adventure, or food and sights? 

I know the title gave it away – we landed on making the trip BACK to Savannah for the 3rd time in 6 years. We just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go back to our favorite spot, knowing we’d be more inclined to just rest and relax there, not feeling rushed or pressuring ourselves to see and experience new places and new things. The southern charm, the simplicity and familiarity, and THE FOOD was just too much to pass up.  

We booked a room at the 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant, a place we’ve visited before, but never stayed. I loved the location, central to many other favorites in Savannah and Desiree loved the historical promises of ghosts and spirits. The room we stayed in was true to the 1790s period which added to its charm (and spookiness?). We walked the squares, wondered down River Street, we jogged around Forsythe Park, and imagined owning a small place by the park. We ate a lot of food, sometimes hopping from restaurant to restaurant, listened to live jazz, got a massage and even took a couple naps.  

It’s what we both needed at the time and gave us an opportunity to just….be. A lot has changed for us over the last 10 years, and a lot will continue to change and challenge us. So while I picture us being a little more adventurous on our next trip, the lighter schedule focused on rest and relaxation felt like the perfect way to celebrate our relationship and each other. We are grateful for our crazy lives! But to recharge before school schedules and the three boys have us crisscrossing each other every day felt like the right decision. And it was. 

Thank you, Savannah! Your southern charm worked on us, yet again. We promise to see you again soon. 


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