Round Up Mentality

Benjamin Haas |

I like to hike. Why? Because it stacks many different benefits for me in my personal and professional life. I love to be outdoors. I love the quiet. I love the alone time to just think and be alone with my thoughts. It offers me many “glimmers” to see good and feel good (as my professional coach would call it). AND of course, the exercise is very important to this almost 40-year-old as well. All that just from a 5-mile, 2.5-hour hike 😊 

I also like hiking because it helps me build my mentality. For anyone that runs, or bikes, or hikes like me, you probably have a habit of tracking your workout on your watch or odometer. And if you do, I’d be willing to bet that like me, you round up on your workouts. If you’re running and you get to 2.8 miles, chances are you stretch the run to 3.0 miles. If you’re biking and get to 19.8 miles, chances are you circle the driveway two more times to get to 20.0 miles. Do you do that too? Round up? I always find myself doing the extra 0.2 miles to make it an even number.  

Maybe that’s just me being a little bit OCD – which I readily admit shows up for me from time to time and is just part of who I am. But rounding up also helps me create a mindset of being a finisher. It helps me identify as someone who pushes himself to do a little more. Who makes sure that he’s not someone who cuts corners, quits early, or shortchanges himself. And because of this little practice when hiking or running (I don’t really bike but I’m SURE cyclists do this too, right?), I feel like it creates a mentality for me that carries over into other parts of my life and how I operate. 

Rounding up helps me build more endurance. Rounding up helps me believe I am capable of doing more then I originally set out to do. Rounding up helps me have a CAN-DO attitude when things get tough for me. Rounding up makes me feel more fulfilled.  

Do you relate? Stop and consider how this concept of “rounding up” is showing up in your life:  

  • At the Giant grocery store here in Kutztown, you can “round up” your bill so a fraction of a dollar can go to help fight childhood hunger1. What a beautiful concept! 

  • You can round up your monthly savings amount to prioritize your financial future just a little bit more. $50/week invested for 30 years could turn into $495,000!2 

  • Or you can round up your mortgage payment to get rid of the loan quicker. Putting and extra 10% of your payment on principle could help cut a 30-year mortgage almost in half3

  • Or it could be as simple as showing up a little early to work/that meeting, or staying 10-15 minutes longer, just to make sure everything is taken care of, and the work is done.  

There are many ways we can build this mentality into our daily routines. Think about your daily life and how this concept can serve you. Round up! Afterall, it only takes rounding up a few times to create a new habit and a new mentality of being a finisher. And that feels good! 







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