Property & Casualty (P&C) Liability Insurance Policy

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  • Love it or hate it, most people recognize that we live in a very litigious world. Yet I meet very few people who have taken it upon themselves to purchase liability insurance. What’s liability insurance? The kind of insurance that protects you from being sued if someone trips and falls on your property, or if you have a bad accident with your car, or if your child does something incredibly stupid that is easily “sue worthy.” For what could be fractions of a penny on a dollar, you can probably acquire a property and casualty liability policy to protect your net worth. Yet, few do.

Where the CFP® sees the fit:

  • If you have assets, protect them. It’s that simple.

The strategy:

  • We view property and causality insurance like we view having a will and estate plan. Everyone should have one. It may not be fun to think in “worst case scenario” terms, but bad things can happen. And no one wants an emotional travesty to become a financial one. So talk to a property and causality insurance specialist. Assess the value of your assets. And put a policy in place to protect all of those assets. I am willing to bet you’ll be surprised how inexpensive these policies can be, yet how much benefit they can provide, if ever needed.

Additional notes:

  • There is typically liability coverage built into a home or auto policy. But they come with limits that are not hard to exceed, leaving you exposed to larger claims.

Bottom line:

  • Just do it.


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