Our First Year Of Podcasting

Benjamin Haas |

Can you believe it’s been an entire year since we started our very own podcast, A/B Conversations: CFP® Your Way Out Of It?  We can’t. We were on the forefront of the financial planning podcast movement.  When we started there was no playbook.  There was no guidance.  It was just us, our ideas, and our willingness and desire to discuss important financial topics.  And…we made it work.

So, here’s what happened in our first year of podcasting:
•    We produced 47 episodes
•    We have just shy of 3,000 downloads on BuzzSprout
•    We have 173 listeners on Spotify
•    We can be found on BuzzSprout, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and YouTube

Our most popular episodes are:

Ep # 38: Recognizing That Our Biases Affect Our Financial Decisions

The CFP®️ Board recently added another discipline for those CFP®️'s either looking to get the designation or to continue their education.  This new discipline recognizes that traditional finance needs to be paired with behavioral finance.  The point of behavioral finance is to recognize how people should act is different than how they actually act. This podcast addresses how we embrace that and help people through the emotional side of money and wealth to reach their financial goals.

Ep # 31: Will the Biden Tax Proposal Affect You?

Biden’s tax proposal has been getting a lot of attention through the media but one thing to remember is that it is only a proposal. It’s rare that any legislation gets passed without amendments or compromise. Ben and Adam share their thoughts on what is more likely of getting passed versus parts that most likely won’t make the final version in this podcast episode.  

Ep # 23: Should Grandparents Own 529 Plans for Grandkids?

Many grandparents want to help fund college education for their grandchildren, particularly if they already have enough money to ensure a comfortable retirement income for themselves.  But who should own the asset? How much should be saved? What coordination should occur with the parents?  

We had some funny moments.  We had some serious moments.
•    What Is Financial Planning Anyway? Financial planning is a relationship.  It’s the oh, well, I got a guy.  He takes care of that.
•    Do People Over-Complicate Financial Planning? Over-complicating financial planning, is that a common thing that happens? Yes!
•    We like to think we can kick butt with a HP 12c financial calculator and a couple of spreadsheets – we are financial planning nerds.
•    Accepting the Certainty of Uncertainty. I just think it’s so important to not only the financial planning process, but to mental health to know that you are prepared for the worst         and hoping for the best
•    Should I Pay Off My Mortgage? So, for all those people out there thinking about or wanting to know, should I pay this off.  The answer is…maybe!
•    How Do I Know If I Have the Right Advisor? Your expectations should be that degree of personal care and empathy.  This is your financial future we’re talking about, so I think        it’s a fair expectation to say I want to be communicated to in a proactive manner that speaks to me.

If you haven’t checked us out yet, that’s ok. You may think it will be boring.  We know that financial planning can be boring (and that is the hope for our clients), but we want the listeners of our podcast to see our personalities and passion for the industry come through in our recordings. We hope that the real reason you aren’t tuning in is because we are already doing a great job communicating directly with you.  

What’s in store for the 2nd year of podcasting? We will continue to develop personally and professionally and be on the forefront of everything we do – our approach to financial planning, education, and team building.  These will continue to be the major themes. We want to continue to do more of what we love for those that really care about what we do. We want to continue to create a community and give ourselves to the community.  We hope to see you in it.

By Benjamin Haas, Wealth Manager
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