New Seasons

Benjamin Haas |

We are turning the page to Spring – a time of transition, growth, and possibility.  Winter often makes things stale, and I find myself slowly slogging through the dull months of January, February, and March without much reflection or notice.  Now suddenly, we are in April and starting a new season of sports and activities.  Mavis’ teacher recently published a newsletter noting only 33 more days of kindergarten and August is in his final months of pre-school.  It’s starting to feel like some major milestones in their lives will quickly be upon us!

It's been fun to watch them change and grow this year.  Mavis is writing hilarious short stories, tying her shoes, creating tons of artwork, and starting new hobbies.  She’s developing leadership skills and it makes me proud to watch her positive, mature interactions with her teammates and friends. August can successfully write his name, makes it through a whole hour of soccer practice, and continues to be “his own person”.  He rolls with the punches and can be silly and sweet all at the same time.

It is interesting to see how different siblings can be and how much they are the same.  I love watching the tendencies they’ve picked up from each other, classmates, and from Matt and me.  But I’m also glad to see that they can balance influence from others with their own thoughts and ideas.  I consciously try to let them experience things for themselves - guide but not always tell them the right answer and give them space to make mistakes. 

It’s important and refreshing for me to join them in their creative and expanding world, especially with everything going on around us. I believe by giving them time to create regularly, they will continue to build their imagination, knowledge, and find genuine ways to express themselves.  Journaling, artwork, reading, and free play find their way into every day. If you don’t have little ones in your house, then I encourage you to make time to write, record, paint, or participate in your favorite hobby and continue to see possibilities in your life that bring you joy – it's not just for kids!

Summer will be here before we know it.  But for now, I’m going to savor these last few weeks of school before I officially have two kids in elementary school!


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