A Labor Day Full Of Labor

Benjamin Haas |

Labor Day weekend in the Werner house is usually centered on the same couple of activities: relaxing with our families, last minute beach getaways and sometimes drag racing. Plus, my wife, Amy’s birthday usually falls somewhere close to Labor Day weekend, so some cake/ice cream usually gets consumed in celebration, in addition to hot dogs and hamburgers.

This year we will still be spending time with friends and family with one major exception… they will be helping us move into our new house! Amy and I finally bit the bullet and bought a house that will give our three girls (and us!) some much-needed space.

The downside to all of the excitement and anticipation of a new house is the actual labor (ha, see what I did there…) involved to make it happen. At this point, not that she’s keeping track or anything J, Amy is responsible for 90% of the effort to get us ready and of the other 10%, only some can be attributed to me so it’s probably more like 95%/5%. My plan is to close that gap with lots of heavy lifting and manual labor this weekend

Like many American families, we apparently love to accumulate stuff and lots of it! The memories attached to certain items amplify the decision-making process when deciding what to keep, what to donate and what to just throw away. Amy and I both come from families that if something wasn’t broken, you didn’t throw it away because “what if you need it later?” So, we’ve (Amy) made countless trips to donate clothes, toys, furniture and books but don’t worry, we still have plenty left to take with us!

Our fingers are crossed for a smooth transition and that the labor we put in now will allow us to relax, enjoy and create new memories in our new home for many Labor Days to come.

Wish us luck!


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