It's Morning In America Again

Benjamin Haas |

It’s morning in America again. Just like it was yesterday. Just like it will be tomorrow. This election cycle has been difficult to navigate for me. I speak with many of you reading this, and I know many who will celebrate the results, and many who will be disappointed whenever they are final…and then confirmed…and then potentially contested (?)…and then confirmed. That’s the reality of our America today. We remain strongly divided. We remain at odds on many fronts. And that did not change on Nov. 3rd and I don’t think anyone had that expectation.

But it’s morning in America again. Our votes counted/are being counted. This is still our country. This is still our home. Our lives continue to march on, regardless of which side of the aisle we choose to march down. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (and quest for good health!) remain our rights and for that, we are all blessed.

As I look back at the last several months, and forward to the job ahead of me, I share these thoughts about our work for you, a renewed commitment and promise and restatement of our thoughts and feelings:

  • Election results matter. However, so does what is happening in the world around us. Our country’s ability to control the Covid-19 virus and help our economy recover will remain the focus of our decision-making with investments, not who sits in the oval office. Can we stay safe while also getting people back to work? That’s the same question we’ve been tracking since March/April. Nov. 3rd has not changed that.
  • Policies matter. However, which potential policies will matter and to what degree? We cannot know, even if we have a better guess with a divided government. We have and will continue to pay close attention to the typical questions; are higher taxes coming? Will there be increased regulation? What’s the makeup and size of the next round of stimulus? Time will tell. But will we make some sort of major portfolio change or bet on any of that? Of course not. We stay diversified. We stay invested. No matter what. And why? Because that’s the fundamental way to invest over long periods of time. Elections don’t change that for us.
  • Your financial plan matters. Will you be ok? Are you progressing towards your goals? And what do you need to do to get there? These are the questions that matter most to us. Not guessing how any punches will be throw over the next few weeks in our courts over the presidency of the United States. We need to remain focused on helping you retire, caring for your aging parents, getting your kids through school, setting up your legacy plan, etc. We cannot and will not let election results take our focus off of you and your needs.

I don’t want to sound flippant or disinterested. In fact, I care about politics a lot (evidenced by the Franklin & Marshall degree that I proudly hang in my office)! But it’s morning in America again. And we’ve got a job to do for you. Rest assured that’s our focus and Nov. 3rd did not change that one bit, regardless of how you’re feeling today. We are here for you and your family.

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