The Impact of Paying it Forward

Benjamin Haas |

My kids love to go to the park.  It doesn’t matter which park it is.  I’m pretty sure that we’ve visited every community park in the Lehigh Valley this year.  But the Kutztown Park, our park, is still our favorite.  It’s within walking distance from our house and includes a variety of equipment for all ages, freshly paved trails, a basketball court, and lots of grass and dirt for some good old outdoor fun.  So as long as it’s not raining (or snowing) we will go there and get some exercise and fresh air as a family.

During our visits, we collect all kinds of things including leaves, acorns, sticks and random change.  My daughter, in particular, has a keen eye for finding money on the ground.  She probably inherited this ability from my Grandmother.  My Grandma kept a log of how much money she found each year.  So, as we continued to find money consecutive days in a row, I took it as a sign that my Grandma was looking down and expressing her love to us.  This belief served as a talking point to Mavis about her great-grandmother’s habits, how they are similar in their actions, and the value of money.

After a while, it was hard to ignore the pattern of where and when the money was placed. It was always quarters and always sprinkled along the same path that circles the children’s playground.  I hope that whomever is doing this, is finding as much joy in giving, as my daughter is in receiving.  Her eyes light up every time she finds a coin.  Every night we go home and put the quarters in her “penny bank” (as she calls it).  She always gives half to her younger brother since he can’t find them himself.  So far, the anonymous donor is on pace to gift us a couple hundred dollars.  I’m not sure if they want to be discovered or to remain unknown.  However, one thing is for sure, we greatly appreciate their generosity and hope to pay it forward one day too.

So during Giving Tuesday, the Holidays and the New Year, I especially take time to stop and be thankful for everything I have in my life. Consider picking something you care about and give back in any way that is meaningful to you.  A seemingly small act of kindness has the power to inspire generosity that can permeate society and inspire good in the community.  And if you are the one responsible for this great deed for my family and happen to be reading this, we thank you very much.

By: Devon Volker

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