Do You Take 18 Minutes a Day for You?

Benjamin Haas |

It's hard to believe we are already halfway through the year. Question for the readers: since 2024 is a leap year, does that mean that July 1st was the midway point of the year, or was it July 2nd? Either way, we’ve passed the midway point to the year, and for those like me set out to accomplish certain things every year, the midway point on your timeline is a natural check-in. So how are you doing with that New Year’s Resolution? Are you making good on the promises you made to yourself earlier in the year? Or now that I bring it up, are you admitting to yourself that you might be a little lax on that resolution or goal or self-care objective?  

As I think about myself and my 2024 plans here’s some advice I heard years ago that stuck with me that I’ll pass along to you in case it’s helpful context for you going forward.  

Accomplishing what we want is more often about time management than anything else. There are only so many hours in the day, and it is VERY easy to fill up time with things that aren’t really priorities. But studies have shown that just 18 minutes a day is all it takes to be better than 95% of the world in any discipline (read about the “100 Hour Rule”1). For example, if you practice the piano for 18 minutes a day for a year, you’ll end up being better than 95% of the world at playing the piano. You won’t be the best, but you’ll be more than competent. And here’s the perspective that I think matters most: 18 minutes a day is just 109 hours a year. That’s just 1.2% of your total available time in a year. Only 1.2%. That’s nothing. My point is it doesn’t take much to be special…it just takes consistency. 

Put your own aspirations into that context. I’m willing to bet that anything you want to accomplish will be made easier if instead of focusing on the big picture, end game destination (which more often than not feels daunting), you just create a habit of setting aside 18 minutes a day. Health goals? 18 minutes a day of healthy activity. Education goals? 18 minutes a day of intense and focused study. Relationship goals? Sit and talk, uninterrupted for 18 minutes every day. Learning a new skill? 18 minutes a day of practice and repetition. Seems far more simple when we think in 18-minute blocks of time, doesn’t it? 

If you set out to do something and your mid-year check-in leaves you underwhelmed with progress, I suggest finding a way to carve out 18 minutes a day, every day, and make that your sacred time. It won’t take long for that to become a habit or ritual for you, and then maybe by New Year’s you’ll soon be better than 95% of people at what you set out to do. 

We ALL can find 18 minutes a day.  


  1. 100 hour rule:  


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