A Blessing In Disguise by Holly Hinkle, Financial Planning Assistant

Benjamin Haas |

One thing I had never imagined was switching jobs within in my first year of my professional career. With that being said, I can honestly say it has been one of the best things that has come out of 2020! Public accounting was time-consuming, stressful (especially during busy season), and I was just another employee, essentially a number that got the job done but disposable as well. Within the first few months of working, I knew I did not see it as my “forever job” and being laid off in July actually helped me get back to searching for what I really wanted for my life in all aspects.

Two things I knew for certain from my previous job experience is that I wanted to move back closer to my family (my previous job made me relocate two hours away) and I wanted a career that I could make a positive impact in some form. This position made all of that possible and I can genuinely say I have never been more excited to go to work in the morning. I have already been able to see first-hand what an influence we can make in people’s lives. Observing the team guide individuals in their decisions is really eye opening and makes me excited to have that opportunity one day as well. The team helps advise people to be financially smart, as well as look at different options they have which can result in saving thousands of dollars in the long run. A few examples could include re-allocating someone’s investment “buckets” for an early retirement, re-financing a home to save on interest, or how little adjustments could change the potential profit in the end.

Having that capability to run the numbers and be able to deliver good news to clients who are appreciative is exactly what I wanted in not just a job, but a long-lasting career. This is just the beginning for me, and I am very excited to grow professionally here at Haas Financial Group. Thank you for all the warm welcomes I’ve received and I am very excited to meet everyone as time goes on!

By Holly Hinkle, Financial Planning Assistant

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