Always Remember Where You Came From

Benjamin Haas |

By Anna Behm, Executive Assistant

It sounds silly coming from me, since I grew up here in Kutztown, I went to Kutztown High School and continued my education here at Kutztown University. But I think one of the most important things in life is to sit back and reflect on where you learned what you know and who you met along the way that helped mold you into the person you are today.

I had the pleasure of being honored two weeks ago at Kutztown University and that was a great opportunity to “remember where I came from”. The Kutztown University Field Hockey team is celebrating 50 seasons this year and as part of their big milestone, a committee selected the top 18 athletes from those 50 seasons. To say I felt honored to be selected, being one of the youngest ones there and standing next to a current hall of famer and 1977 graduate, is an understatement. For those of you that know anything about field hockey, you know that times have surely changed since 1968.

From the first time I stepped foot on that turf to the last time I stepped off, I feel like I became a whole new individual. Looking back at my four years of collegiate field hockey, I remember showing up for pre-season testing freshman year, hiding in my turtle shell, just hoping for the best. And three years later, meeting three new incoming classes, being a leader of the team and now having the younger ones look up to me.

As I’m sure some of you can relate, there’s no feeling like walking back out on to the field one last time. I didn’t know I would get one more chance to do this, to walk out on the field I played on, just one...more...time. This time for me, it was new turf, new teammates and whole different set of fans. I wasn’t playing. I wasn’t coaching. I was being honored. And what an incredible feeling it was to look up into the stands to see all the alumni that came back to celebrate 50 years of field hockey. I think that was when it all hit me, how appreciative I was to be part of a team during college. Making new friends each year, being pushed by my teammates to make me better each day, having the guidance and discipline to help me become who I am today, learning important skills like leadership, time management and working towards a common goal.

These are all things that I can confidently say I have learned in my time during college that I now sit back and reflect on. I will always remember where I learned the skills that I have today. I’m humbled to be part of the All-Time Field Hockey Team at KU and truly honored to have my name on the same list as those other amazing ladies.

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