All I Want for Easter Is My Two Front Teeth

Benjamin Haas |

I have two very active younger boys. Yes, they have chunks of time where they are watching shows or playing video games, but when their faces aren’t in a screen, they are running around the house, playing ball, outside using their imaginations, or competing in the sport of the season. That said, I do not have daredevils in my house. The play is somewhat calculated. They aren’t climbers. They aren’t OVERLY physical with each other. To date, we have avoided any major injuries like broken bones or scar generating cuts.

Then last week I got the message from Desiree that Lucas got his two front teeth knocked out. I wasn’t shocked. Were he and Gabriel playing football? Nope. Did he fall (or jump) off the swing and bump his mouth? Nope. Was he running and trip? Nope. The verdict? A basketball to the face on the playground at school. Poor guy!

Luckily, there was no other cuts or bruises, and the two teeth were still his baby teeth. They were already “wiggly” so that may have helped ensure there wasn’t any other damage. We had to leave a note for the tooth fairy that night to let her know that the teeth might be lost, since they weren’t recovered right away (apparently one was found the next day – how were they not next to each other?). There was still money under his pillow the second night, so Lucas was happy the tooth fairy paid a visit for his first lost teeth.

It's life with little boys, I guess! You can’t protect them from everything, and bumps and bruises are a part of being active and having fun. I wonder how long he will whistle while he talks. Christmas is a long way off to ask for two new front teeth!

By: Benjamin Haas

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