Current Conversations

01. About Us

We believe that money is simply a tool to help you lead the life you want to live. So we focus on developing relationships far deeper than some financial conversations, some investment allocations and some checklists. While those things are important, our purpose is to lead you to a better place through partnership and objectivity, empathy and compassion. Faith, family and community are at the heart of why we do what we do. We just happen to be financial planners.

02. Our Approach

We believe in asking important questions about what you value most in life, what you hope to avoid, how you best make decisions and how you feel motivated. It takes the whole team coming together to support you. That’s why teamwork and partnership are two of our six core values that drive our every decision when tailoring our communications and financial planning advice.

03. Our Process

Financial planning is a pre-requisite to any new investment relationship. Our process is to first identify and prioritize your goals, then strategize on how to align your vision and wealth by helping you create healthy habits. Investments come second where we then bring accountability to the process by implementing the plan and making changes when needing to adapt to new circumstance and situations.

Our Services

Financial Planning Services

How you think and feel about money is at the center of our planning process. We help Individuals who have big questions such as “How do I transition to retirement” or “How do I know if I’m on track to reach my goals”.  We help people in transition where planning helps answer time-sensitive questions through a long-term lens. 

Investment Management

Once we complete your financial plan and understand your feelings on risk and return, we put your money to work.  We believe in the purposeful allocation of your savings aligned specifically with your goals and timeline.

Estate Planning Guidance 

We can provide guidance and help manage your legacy and/or collaborate with your existing estate planning professional to minimize the possibility of something falling through the cracks.


Our Team

We Believe in the Power of Personalized Planning


+ What's involved with becoming a client?

We believe wealth management is a process that requires time, focus, and discipline.  How you think and feel about money is at the center of our planning process.  We earn trust by being an accessible and accountable guide to the decisions that will shape your financial experiences.

There are several steps to determining if we are a fit.  Check out our detailed process for becoming a client here


+ How do we get paid?

There are two main ways we get paid:

  • Through financial planning/personal consulting and/or through investment management
  • Which fee model is right for you?


We do not have a Series 7 license and cannot be compensated through investment commissions or transaction, only through our advice.

We do maintain an insurance license through Haas Financial Group Insurance Services and can be compensated through certain insurance solutions recommended within your financial plan, should you ask us to provide this service.

Our asset management fees are tied to our client's account value.  Hence, we are incentivized to help the account grow, and work to stabilize account values through difficult markets.