Ep #5: Is The 4% Withdrawal Rule Dead?

Benjamin Haas |

Welcome to A/B Conversations: We Will Help You CFP® Your Way Out Of It, a podcast where you get into the minds of a couple Certified Financial Planners™ on how we think about everyday financial planning questions and what should really matter most to you. Over the last few months the world, our lives and in some cases what we value most, have changed.  It's leaving us with more questions than answers.  Each week, we'll discuss what's on our mind about the financial topics you care about most.

This episode's topic on the 4% withdrawal rule comes from a listener question! We will define the 4% withdrawal rule and give tips for developing a revenue stream and portfolio to support the 4% rule in retirement. You may also want to check out our video: "How Should I Be Invested? Our Three Bucket Theory".

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • What the 4% rule is
  • Our 3 Bucket Theory
  • How to develop a revenue stream and portfolio to support the 4% rule
  • Don't kill the geese that lay the golden eggs!


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