Identifying Ineffective Leadership

Benjamin Haas |




No one starts and runs a business without a little help along the way.  I've gotten a lot of help from people that probably didn't even know they were helping me. I'm a bit of a sponge and when I hear great ideas or feel like I've found value in an experience I try to translate that into how I can help my clients work towards their goals and expand my business. I have a couple people who certainly helped lead me.

It wasn't too long ago that a trusted friend with immense management experience told me "ineffective leaders rarely volunteer to step down."

I knew exactly what he meant. I meet with all different types of people, but certainly come across many leaders, managers, Type A personalities, etc. His comment made me think of myself as a leader for my clients and the job I’m doing. But I also began to think about all the other people who are leading my clients, providing advice, or sharing ideas. Some I could identify as people who don’t seem to be effective in their roles.

I should first share my definition of effective leadership. I believe good leaders are typically strategic thinkers, good communicators, process driven people, they articulate clearly, follow key metrics, are able to efficiently analyze situations and know when to take charge and when to delegate. Maybe you have other criteria?

I’d challenge you to think about the people leading you in your life. Perhaps it’s at work, on the board of an organization or even how you feel politically ahead of this 2016 election. Are the people directing you/providing advice/in charge of strategic direction doing an effective job? If you’re the one running the show, how do you grade yourself? If not well, is it time to seek new direction through new leadership?

I’ll end by asking you to think about your own financial life and who is leading you. How are they doing? If you’re not sure, have you thought about getting a second opinion? When is the last time you had a comprehensive review done? We typically suggest that you let a financial planning process provide the basis for assessing how you’re doing on the road to your goals. It’ll help assess your leaders as well.

If you have questions, give us a call. We’re happy to talk more about our leadership, our services and how we work to help align your personal values, vision and wealth.


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