We Need "Unplugging" Vacations

Benjamin Haas |

I read an article last week that states “24 percent of workers check work email during activities with family and friends.”1 I am guilty, as charged. It also states, “42 percent say [work] is the first thing they think about when they wake up.”1 Again, guilty.

Maybe it’s the nature of my work. Or maybe it’s the accessibility I provide (very willingly) to my clients. Whatever the reason, I plan to be an active participant in “National Day of Unplugging” next March. But I plan to observe this next week from Bethany Beach, DE, where I will spend time with my family resting, relaxing, and “unplugging.” I recognize, that I’m very ready for this vacation…and my family is ready for my undivided attention.

I had no idea this was a thing – National Day of Unplugging. It’s an outgrowth of religious traditions, an adaptation of the ritual of carving out one day per week to unwind, unplug, relax, reflect and connect with loved ones. This is necessary, as we have evolved into a society where new technology allows us to be connected to work and social media all the time. We are seemingly, always reachable.

I hope you too have taken some time to “unplug” this summer. We need vacations. We need reprieve from work, obligations, and our daily commitments. It’s healthy to do so. I also plan to use it as an exercise in “unplugging” from my phone and work email.

But don’t worry – you’re in good hands with Adam until I “plug” back in!

1. Trouble unplugging from work? Join the crowd