To New Beginnings

Benjamin Haas |

A new baby is like the beginning of a lot of things in life - full of wonder, hope and a dream of possibilities. Desiree, Cayden, Gabriel and I are over the moon excited to have baby Lucas now a part of the family! He’s happy, he’s healthy, and he’s filled our hearts to the brim. I can’t wait to see where life with “My Three Sons” will lead (no, I don’t remember the show, but I’m familiar with the reference).

Lucas’s birthday now joins the list of other early May celebrations in our house; Gabriel’s birthday, Mother’s Day, and the anniversary of our business. When I started this business adventure four years ago, Desiree and I knew it would be a huge commitment of time, energy and resources. There’d be late nights and early mornings, some stress and some fear (kind of like having kids!). But it was also a new beginning- full of wonder, hope and a dream of possibilities.

As I think about that journey and where we are today, I can’t help but connect my work as a parent and my work as an advisor. Both are a labor of love.  

We’re fortunate to work with some incredibly kind-hearted people, who value faith and family like we do. We’re fortunate to work with some incredibly generous people, who make a priority of helping others. We’re fortunate to work with some incredibly caring people, who invest more than just their trust and financial hopes in our guidance - but also their care and time in getting to know us as people and treating us as friends.

Looking back, I’m amazed that what Desiree and I strive to emphasize as parents (kindness, caring, faith and family) has also, naturally, been paralleled in the business too. It’s the personal relationships we have with you all that make this a labor of love.  All the messages, kind notes and thoughtful words have reconfirmed that I am truly blessed to be working with a great group of people!

So we press forward on our new family adventure, full of hopes and dreams for baby Lucas, it seems like a good time to also pause and say “Thank You!” to everyone we are so fortunate to know through our work. “Thank You!” for your continued trust and engagement. And “Thank You!” for all the well wishes this past week.

We are truly blessed.



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