Financial advice can be found almost anywhere. There are 271,900 licensed advisors in this country1 and that’s not counting the robots capable of providing analysis too. That’s because most financial advice is essentially a routine numbers game that makes most people’s eye glaze over anyway. But that’s not the type of financial plan you can expect from us. That’s not who we are and why we are here. 

I’ve been in practice for 13 years now, and one thing has always rung true; financial data tells me very little about the people I serve and how I ultimately need to guide them. In fact, I think the numbers game is irrelevant without having real conversations about your values, your vision for the future, your pain points and fears, and ultimately how you feel about where you are in life. So, I built a team ready to dedicate the necessary time to life plan with you, not just financial plan, because having empathetic, informed and engaging conversations about the realities of life tomorrow and how money will play a role in what’s truly important to the people I serve. 

If you’re anything like my current clients, you don’t aspire for a lavish life full of extravagance.  More than anything, you seek a simplified life. You are busy and want more time to pursue your hobbies and passions. You dream small, seeking the little joys in life provided by time with family and being a part of your community. You wouldn’t trade good health and worry-free finances for more money, any day of the week. You do not want to stress about paychecks or stock markets or your children or grandchildren being financially okay. And you probably don’t want to see a complex math equation when forced to make important or emotional decision. My clients want a partner, an available resource who has been down their road before and can speak in terms they understand. They want a friend who can help them feel more secure, and safe, and productive. That’s why we are here and that’s the work that really matters.

In the end, our goal is to help you be the best version of yourself by leading you to a better place. There’s no cookie cutter advice – you will lead a totally and completely unique life which requires a totally and completely unique financial plan. That’s why we keep our business small and intimate, so that it can be personalized, and we can fulfill our promises to do our BEST to:

  • Bring accountability to get the little, yet important things done within your plan.
  • Personalization – our team is dedicated to getting to know you as a person.  Your goals and concerns will be at the center of our planning process.
  • Education – learning is a lifelong process. We commit to educating ourselves and in turn, educating you.
  • Simplicity – we strive to make more time for the things that bring you joy and to help you live a better and more fulfilled life.
  • Teamwork – money causes stress for most people and we’re here to help you with your concerns by supporting you through the tough times and celebrating the good, while hopefully having a little fun along the way.

Over the course of a relationship with us, we can all but promise that things won’t go to plan and much of that may be out of your control. No plan predicts the layoff from work, the unfortunate diagnosis, the divorce or the car accident. But that’s why we are here; to listen, to assess, to reconsider and redirect you back onto your path to be the best possible version of yourself. Here’s what else I can promise about working with me:

  • I believe that learning is a lifelong process. My team and I will continue to dedicate ourselves to being credentialed, thought-leaders in our industry.
  • I grew up learning that there’s no substitute for hard work. We will be here and put in the time necessary for whenever you may need us. 
  • I’ve lived my life believing that service to others is the greatest work of life. You can expect us to serve you, and our community.
  • My values are the foundation to this practice, and they are pretty simple to follow: Faith > Family > Finances 

Thank you for visiting the Haas Financial Group. Give us a call – we’re excited to meet you and start aligning your personal values, vision and wealth.